Your Vascular Billing Partner of Choice

Billing and Coding

We provide skilled components that seamlessly integrate into your practice's revenue cycle, establishing a strong foundation for efficient billing operations.

When you partner with Perfectus, you gain access to a dedicated team of industry experts with extensive experience in auditing, compliance, vascular coding, payer insights, and a collective wealth of billing knowledge.

We are pleased to offer a highly flexible and cost-effective solution: a la carte Vascular Obl coding. You can take advantage of our pay-per-chart model at just $100 per chart. With this service, you not only receive coding but also benefit from our invaluable documentation suggestions for prepayment reviews, inclusion of modifiers, units, and ICD-10 codes, all promptly returned to you.

Naturally, you have the option to leverage our comprehensive full revenue cycle services our full suite of offerings is designed to maximize your practice's financial efficiency and success.